SIFNh 5188


Liebherr SIFNh 5188 Peak BioFresh NoFrost refrigerator

  • Brand: Liebherr
  • Product name: Liebherr SIFNh 5188 NoFrost integrated freezer
  • Utilities:
  • + Super fast and deep freezing SuperFrost: up to -32 degrees C
  • + Super energy saving: up to 50-60% electricity compared to other equivalent refrigerators
  • + Super quiet SuperQuiet: noise level is only 35 dB
  • + High-performance cooling system combined with PowerCooling activated carbon air filtration: cools food quickly and maintains uniform temperature in the refrigerator, while cleaning the air and deodorizing
  • + Smart automatic ice making system Icemaker
  • + Multiple separate temperature compartments provide solutions for preserving different types of food
  • Origin: Made in Germany

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