Mobalpa is the No. 1 kitchen brand in France and one of the top in Europe, were known worldwide for its luxury and creativity in the perfect kitchen space.

Mobalpa has more than 350 stores in nearly 40 countries worldwide, producing over 600,000 kitchen cabinets and selling more than 60,000 kitchens annually. Each Mobalpa kitchen is developed by professionals who design the kitchen space according to the needs, lifestyle and requirements of each customer to bring the unique and premium kitchen to each living space.

With Mobalpa, you will easily find your own kitchen cabinet with more than 368 samples, 34 styles with many different trend: traditional, classic or modern that were advised by famous european experts and modern software.



Mobalpa was given the first prize at the French Enterprises and Environment Awards in the field of “management of the environment for sustainable development”.

Mobalpa is a member of the WWF’s Forest and Trade Network.

Mobalpa drawer fittings were awarded a star by the French “Design Observeur”, an honour at your service.

All of our furniture is certified NF Ameublement*. This signifies that they meet the required quality criteria issued and governed by FCBA (institut technologique Fôret Cellulose Bois – construction Ameublement).

Mobalpa was founded in 1907, with a factory in Thones, in the French Alps, which produces many different wood products, including kitchen cabinets. Along with the development, the company established Mobalpa brand – the first kitchen cabinet brand Mobalpa currently has 4 factories in France with more than 1000 employees.

Mobalpa kitchen cabinets are manufactured and imported 100% in France. All cabinets are pre-installed with accessories such as hinges, sliding rails, lights, etc., in France and built into Module before being imported to Vietnam. After that, the installation team of Mobalpa will install product until it is completed.

–I-Practis is an exclusive and patented product for smart design of Mobalpa, which maximizes storage space and can be flexibly changed according to user needs. Follow more at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq6DJSM8VLE&t=5s

Kitchen accessories include: 1) Hinges: Blum produces exclusively for Mobalpa, the number of Mobalpa hinges is more than 4 times (200,000 times more active) than the Blum standard for the European market (50,000 times). The Mobalpa kitchen cabinet hinges are made of stainless steel and are warranted for 25 years. 2) Drawer: Grass produces exclusively for Mobalpa, the number of transitions is more than 2 times (100,000 times more active) of the Grass standard for the European market (50,000 operations). Mobalpa drawers is made of stainless steel material and is warranted for 25 years. 3) i-Practis spice kit: Ceramic white is designed and manufactured separately for Mobalpa. 4) With Mobalpa, the handle were bearing is 20kg, to ensure this, all materials used for the handle must be metal or a metal part in the handle structure. 5) The front door has obtained environmental protection certification according to NF certification standards to ensure the characteristics of wood. All wood panels according to E1 standard, ensure low formaldehyde content (<8mg per 100g dry wood, in accordance with European EN 120 measurement method).