Gia Minh Corp (Gia Minh) – a representative of European luxurious brands such as Snaidero Cucine, Alf Dafre, Bisazza Mosaico, Benedetti, Liebherr, Esigo, and Mobalpa, aims to exchange the elite and luxury lifestyle from Europe to Vietnam.

For many years, Gia Minh has been successful and proud to be one of the pioneers in the high-end interior furniture sector in Vietnam with many successful projects, ie. villas (Chateau, Sala, Phu Gia, Saroma, Ecopark Hanoi,…) and high-end condominiums (The Marq, Lancaster Hanoi, Sarica, Sarina, etc.).

Our focus has always been a luxurious lifestyle, we have established partnerships with selected famous European brands, who can create a completely different concept of a luxurious class living space in harmony with the lifestyle of every homeowner.



Gia Minh aspires to become the center of the world’s leading brands in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the first point of reference for the Vietnamese elite to bring a classy, luxurious, and sophisticated living space to the customer’s home.

Gia Minh is committed to bringing to the Vietnamese elite the quintessence of European and world-class living spaces with products from leading European brands, with the professionalism of the top famous designers in Europe, and the dedication of the Gia Minh team.



Gia Minh always aims to improve the quality of life and desires to contribute to creating the most “worth-living” spaces for each customer.

We strongly believe that we not only bring the best quality products but also bring the highest spiritual value and the most professional service to our customers.

With that mission, GIA MINH develops, selects, and accompanies the top brands in Europe and in the world, to bring customers the most perfect choices, contributing to creating a space living, bringing the values and trends of high-class living into the lives of Vietnamese people.



Aiming to be a home of the top luxury furniture brands in the world, Gia Minh is in partnership with some leading-furniture companies in Italy and Europe, bringing elite and luxury lifestyle from Europe to Vietnam.