SFNsdh 5227


Liebherr SFNsdh 5227 Plus NoFrost refrigerator

  • Brand: Liebherr
  • Product name: Refrigerator SFNsdh 5227 Plus NoFrost
  • Utilities:
    • NoFrost technology helps eliminate dew and freezing in the refrigerator
    • EasyTwist-Ice: makes ice quickly and easily without a permanent water connection
    • Touch-Display: simple and intuitive refrigerator operation with all functions clearly shown on the screen
    • Blu-Performance: powerful cooling performance but ensures energy saving and smooth operation
    • SpaceBox: provides additional space up to 250mm to store large frozen foods such as roasted chicken, ice cream cakes…
    • FrostProtect: all cabinet components can withstand ambient temperatures as low as -15°C while ensuring smooth operation
    • SuperFrost: increases cooling and freezing ability but does not reduce nutrients in food (automatically turns off after 65 hours)
    • VarioSpace: helps users have more large storage space
    • Super energy saving: up to 50-60% electricity compared to other equivalent refrigerators
    • Super quiet SuperQuiet: noise level is only 36 dB
  • Origin: Made in Germany

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