SBSes 8484


SKBbs 4350 Premium BioFresh Freestanding Refrigerator

  • Separate 5-compartment cabinet design integrating advanced biological preservation technology (BioFresh-Plus)
  • NoFrost system quickly lowers the freezer temperature down to -32⁰C while still ensuring food nutrients
  • Dual cooling system (DuoCooling) accurately controls temperature, minimizing the mixing of many food odors when preserving
  • Liebherr heat storage system preserves food during a power outage for up to 2-3 days
  • Smart connection feature (Smart Device) with a variety of devices (tablets, smartphones…), making it easy for users to control directly
  • Other utilities: quick freezing technology (SuperFrost), ice compartment (Icemaker), fast cooling mode (SuperCool), soft cabinet door closing mechanism (SoftSystem), cabinet door system and other Side panels from anti-fingerprint JFE 443 steel, VarioSpace storage solution…
  • Intuitive 2.4 inch screen, easy to operate and control
  • Energy saving LED lights
  • Origin: Made in Germany

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