Mobalpa Vietnam – a brand of high-class kitchen cabinets used for The Ascent apartment project

Mobalpa Vietnam is known as a leading luxury kitchen cabinet brand in France, now when imported to our country’s market, it has won the hearts of the wealthy elite. Proof of this is that Mobalpa kitchen cabinets are officially present in the high-end apartment projects The Ascent – Thao Dien Condominiums. This is considered as a breath of fresh air for the modern living space of Vietnamese people.

The Ascent is a model of comfortable and luxurious apartments, so when Mobalpa’s imported kitchen cabinets are intelligently arranged and have clear standards, everything becomes uniform and harmonious. Refer and quickly update the latest information below to realize the great convenience when choosing this French kitchen cabinet design.

What is the difference between imported Mobalpa kitchen cabinets?

1. Quality standards

Mobalpa high-end imported kitchen cabinets are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for product quality and environmental safety. Environmental Award in the field of “Environmental Management for Sustainable Development”.

All Mobalpa products are certified NF Ameublement, meeting the quality criteria issued and governed by FCBA (Foret Cellulose Bois – Ameublement Institute of Science and Technology).

2. i-Practis Technology – Innovation

It must be recognized that each Mobalpa kitchen is designed by professional interior designers. These seasoned design consultants not only bring a unique combination of materials and colors that highlight high aesthetics but also extremely convenient usability.

kitchen cabinet design Mobalpa Vietnam

I-prastic is Mobalpa’s exclusive creation that optimizes storage space. The comfort i-Practis brings to housewives is reflected in items designed to be extremely flexible, easy to change and suitable for any space.

3. Different kitchen cabinet accessories

The front doors of Mobalpa kitchen cabinets are certified for environmental protection according to NF standards, which guarantee the characteristics of wood. All wood panels comply with E1 standards, ensuring low formaldehyde content.

Hinges: Mobalpa kitchen cabinet hinges are made of stainless steel with a 25-year warranty.

Slider: Grass is exclusively produced for Mobalpa with Grass standards and the rail is made of stainless steel material, committed to 25 years of warranty.

accessories of kitchen cabinets Mobalpa Vietnam

Mobalpa Vietnam kitchen cabinets are used for the high-class apartment project The Ascent

Mobalpa is a prestigious kitchen furniture brand from France with a reputation for more than 100 years. Up to now, Mobalpa has been present in 38 countries with more than 500 stores introducing products. Mobalpa not only brings luxury and European-quality kitchens from classic to modern, but also has a team of enthusiastic design consultants, helping customers get the right kitchen spaces that meet their needs. preferences of every homeowner.

The apartments of The Ascent project – Thao Dien Condominiums (No. 58 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien ward, district 2, HCMC) when handed over to customers, will be designed by Mobalpa and provided with a whole high-class European standard kitchen.

imported kitchen cabinets Mobalpa Vietnam

The kitchen space is reasonably arranged with romantic colors from French designers. Applying modern technology, Mobalpa will definitely bring convenience with waterproof kitchen counters, odor-proof cabinets, damping hinges…making customers really satisfied.

Customers buying apartments at The Ascent – Thao Dien Condominiums project will receive gifts such as an air conditioning system, a complete kitchen set and a rental commitment package with a total value of up to VND 15 billion.

Mobalpa Vietnam imported kitchen cabinets at The Ascent apartment

The latest information that we have just given you about imported Mobalpa Vietnam kitchen cabinets is currently being arranged in the most delicate way in The Ascent luxury apartments. This is indeed a new turning point for the furniture market in Vietnam when there is the appearance of the leading interior design model in France in accordance with European standards.

If you compare Mobalpa’s imported kitchen cabinets with other modern kitchen cabinets that you have used before, there is indeed a huge difference. And certainly, you can only experience and use to make the most accurate and objective comments. Mobalpa European kitchen cabinets imported in Vietnam promise to blow “new wind” to the kitchen space of the most modern apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

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