1968-2018, a noteworthy age full of good memories that, over time, make room for new prospects and for the future. A truly remarkable birthday!

And this is how we want Benedetti Mobili’s birthday to be, an occasion to celebrate with old and new friends, with people who have known us since the beginning and with those who have discovered Benedetti just recently. The important thing is to be together, as friends and in good company!

This is why we have thought of creating occasions on which to meet, in Tuscany, our region, which has seen the birth of our company, which is still our home and the beauty of which is behind our work and has always been its inspiration.

We want to share this important occasion with our friends who are invited to this beautiful and welcoming land so we can celebrate together. Our guests will make this occasion a truly exciting and unforgettable experience!

This is the reason why we have decided to organize an event ourselves rather than taking part in events organized by others, we shall celebrate in our “home” as we would do with our best friends.

After all, fifty years are an important achievement: we have gained a considerable experience, mastered outstanding technical skills and achieved the highest quality design while offering a reliability that makes us truly unique

As for all successful fifty year olds, the years don’t count and do not show, they are part of a wealth of experience that enriches us without weighing us down and which, on the contrary, is behind our success and our ever improving performance!

Therefore, after the summer, we shall celebrate our birthday by welcoming our guests to some of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. And it is a source of pride for us the fact that our head-office and factory are very close to one of the most remarkable places of the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund): the Castle of Sammezzano, a truly magical place with an incredible architecture, eclectic and oriental in style, conceived by the marquis Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona in the 19th century. The castle has also been the set of various film, including Il Racconto dei Racconti by Garrone which has made the most of its special and exclusive atmosphere.

So, we look forward to offering you all this beauty….see you soon! Meanwhile… Happy Birthday Benedetti Mobili! because for once the birthday lasts a whole year!

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