2020 is over – a challenging year with ups and downs. But by the solidarity and creativity, with the reasonable solutions and the efforts of each employee, we ended the year 2020 with many achievements.
And in the year-end party, The Beauty & Elegance is an opportunity for us to pay tribute to all employees in the company and honor outstanding individuals – who are undeniable. received during the past 1 year.
Besides, not only do our best in our work, but we also play our best. Team Building 2020 really gave us great joy and very strong teamwork.
And finally, we want to share this success with the community by visiting, giving gifts, and talking with the lonely old ladies at Thien Phuoc Shelter. Hope that you are always healthy and optimistic, and live under the great help of the nuns here.
To welcome 2021, we believe that, with the spirit of solidarity and professionalism, we will grow stronger.

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