At 5pm 12/10/2023,

Gia Minh Corp hosted the Liebherr Workshop, bringing together our customers, partners and clients. We’re sharing key takeaways from popular sessions – on topics like bring luxury lifestyle from Europe to Vietnam events, building a global audience for Liebherr, and best practices for attracting more customers.

The workshop event last in-person event prior to the Liebherr show at a venue in Gia Minh new showroom. Last night, 50 people showed up to the special event that highlights the impact of Gia Minh’s presence and Liebherr brand itself that have their reputation proven.

Since established, Liebherr appliances has gone global. At a recent virtual event, attendees joined from all over Vietnam and Singapore — a big change for what has traditionally attracted a local crowd.

Liebherr will be the best solution for anyone who is interested and wants to own a high quality cooling appliance with high quality and tremendous style.

Lucky draw with total prize value up to 500,000,000 VND;

45% discount for some selected model of Liebherr orders valid till June March 2024.

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