Perhaps it was only recently that we realized how important our home space truly is. We all had to make it multifunctional, creating corners for each member of the family, and adapting it to accommodate for a shared working and activities space.

Sometimes it was easy, sometimes a little less. Benedetti Mobili had long imagined that everyday life could be more easely managed by optimizing our furnitures, and wardrobes in particular, thus giving each room a multiple and personalized value. Enough said: let us show you by taking a tour of the Skyline wardrobe shown in the photo.

It is composed of two different elements that join at an angle and characterize the environment. One element has hinged doors and the bridge-like structure allows the insertion of a desktop: a work, study or relaxation area is born, dedicated to adults or children. The open column, which can be seen alongside with its shelves, is also designed to contain everything that could be useful, from books to work or leisure tools and devices.

The second element has especially designed sliding doors which allow the insertion of a TV: a window on the world, real or imaginary, which does not clutter the room. A smart way to further save and optimize space! The wardrobe remains roomy and functional, while allowing you to take advantage of your living environment in a variety of ways. The lacquering is in a soft and relaxing color, the “dove gray” color, one of the countless color possibilities that Benedetti Mobili offers.

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